Tis the gift to be Simple

Are you giving yourself the gift to be simple this year?  I am working hard at it this year, the Christmas tree was truly decorated by the children, with a tad bit of help from mom with some decorations here and there.  The tree really is beautiful even with four or five ornaments piled up on one branch and no I did not move them.  I let the boys set up the manger scene however they wanted and let them decorate a gingerbread house without them hiring me as their contractor.  When they pulled out the black & red frosting I did have to remind them it was Christmas.  When it was all said and done, it actually was quiet lovely.  I can feel the stress fall away and the boys enjoying everything so much more too.  Enjoying our traditions without the need for perfection has been a true gift, it is simple.  Simple doesn’t mean there’s less work though, it means there’s less stress, it is the effort and love thats put into something regardless of the result.

As the this year comes to an end, a new year is beginning, what are your New Year’s resolutions, what are you hoping for this year, what will you do differently?  I hope to continue to be more simple, work harder, and be more organized.  One thing I can’t live out is a free app called Cozi.  It gathers all your calendars together into one place, it pulls from icloud, yahoo, google, and all your school &  athletic calendars.  It allows you to assign items to each member of your family and it can also send you reminders before an appointment.  This app has really helped me stay organized it also has to do lists, grocery lists, and family meal plans.  If organizing your new year is in your future you might want to try this app it really is a great resource.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & happy New Year!

Live Life Simply


*Please note I have not been paid by Cozi to give this review, I truly believe it is a worth while app if you have a smart phone to help simplify everyday life.