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For a truly luxurious tea experience, your glass or ceramic teapot needs a high quality teapot warmer. One that not only keeps your tea perfectly warm, but also one that beautifully accents your tabletop and makes your tea making a wonderful experience. This is a larger size teapot warmer than the GROSCHE SAHARA, and can work with all GROSCHE Teapots, and many other brands as well. Its larger size of about 5.75″ wide on top means that most teapots and kettles of upto 1.5 liters or even more (depending on their shape) can work well with the CAIRO warmer. It is perfectly suited to work with the GROSCHE VIENNA, GROSCHE MUNICH, GROSCHE GLASGOW, and all other GROSCHE teapots as well. It comes with a tea light candle included, and uses standard tea light candles which are available for pennies each at a local department store or on line. Each candle keeps tea warm from 2-4 hours

  • Premium quality warmer for teapots and tea kettles. Includes a tealight candle
  • Large sized warmer will work with mid to larger sized teapots
  • Also perfect for mid to smaller sized teapots as well
  • high quality finish will give your next tea making experience a truly luxurious feel
  • Approximate dimensions 5.75″ wide x 2.75″ tall


  • Hand wash with warm soapy water, or wipe down as needed.


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  • Please contact GROSCHE for all warranty needs. Please ensure you have your original product receipt with purchase date and price paid for all warranty needs.
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