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The Casablanca by Grosche is a French coffee press that will produce the best flavor from any coffee or tea you put into it. Designed for everyday use, this french press not only looks good but works as well as any other. This type of manual-operated coffee maker is regarded as the best way to brew fully-bodied coffee to enjoy the flavor as it was intended. By fully infusing the course grounds (finely ground coffee can seep through the filter), the flavors and oils can be fully extracted and the final result is unmatched!

The Casablanca French press by Grosche has a dual filter system, one on the main press and another on the lid. The filter that presses your coffee or tea is fully stainless steel without any plastic parts, unlike what's found from other leading manufacturer's products. When You make your coffee or tea, turn the lid to close the press while your coffee or tea steeps, and turn it again to open it to pour. That will retain heat and allow for better flavor for your coffee or tea.


With the open design of the Casablanca French press, it is also perfectly suited to making loose leaf tea. Just put your tea in, add hot water, place the filter on the beaker without pressing it down and allow your tea to steep. When the tea has steeped, press the filter down to control the steeping and separate the tea leaves from the tea. Pour your eta and enjoy!


The Casablanca from Grosche is for the true connoisseur of coffee or tea. It is easy to clean, does not require replaceable filters, and is dishwasher safe. Replacement carafes are available from Grosche.


  • High quality French Press with Borosilicate glass beaker
  • 1000 ml (34 fl oz) capacity is great for making 2-3cups of coffee or tea at a time
  • All parts, including the glass beaker, metal body, and stainless steel filter are dishwasher safe
  • Secondary filter in lid- turn the lid to close the filter and retain heat, and turn it back to pour
  • Always use coarse ground coffee in a french press, (1 to 3 tablespoons per mug 300ml)
  • You can also use this french press to make loose leaf or blooming tea. Replacements beakers are available from the manufacturer
  • Although this size makes 2-3 cups of coffee at a time it is often referred to as a 8 cup French press coffee maker in the marketplace

How to Use a French Press

  • Step 1: Remove the press and place your coarse-ground coffee in the bottom of the beaker.
  • Step 2: Pour hot water over the coffee grinds, taking care to soak them entirely.
  • Step 3: Replace the lid and press, and wait 4 minutes for the coffee to steep.
  • Step 4: Gently press down on the plunger to finish the flavour extraction. Your coffee is ready to serve!


  • Remove beaker from body and hand wash with soap and warm water. The beaker is dishwasher safe, but take care as other items knocking into it could cause breakage.
  • Hand-washing the plunger and filter mechanism is recommended.
  • Wipe down the body with a slightly damp cloth as needed, and dry with a soft dish towel.


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