Planting the Garden

Are you ready to Garden?

Maybe you are lucky enough to live somewhere where the weather hasn’t been so awful and your garden is already planted. For us midwesterners who live up north, we haven’t been so lucky. Rain and sleet mixed with snow has been normal around here, we were lucky enough to get the garden tilled but, that has been it for now.

So, I am at the drawing board this year on what I want to plant and how I want to set the garden up. Every year I rotate my favorites and this year I am going to dig my compost bin into the garden, we’ll see how it works. I have learned as a gardener in my area that I only plant what will grow and what my family will eat!

This year I am planning on putting an herb garden in as well as my staples of, tomatoes, green beans, peas, lettuce, kale, zucchini, cucumbers, and raspberries. For the 14 years I have had a garden, these fruits and veggies are tried and true and you will always get something-many can be planted directly into the ground by seed which is very economical as well. I have never had luck with pumpkins, watermelons, green peppers, carrots, or potatoes. Even If I did get something it was not worth the care and effort put into the plants for what I harvested, maybe some of you can relate!

If your not able to put in a large garden or live in an apartment try an herb garden in a container. Cadre Company has some great containers for indoor and outdoor gardening and herbs are really easy to grow.

If you have any gardening tips you’d like to share post them in our comments. Also, keep watching us on Facebook for great ideas & gardening tools from Cadre Company.

Good luck to all your gardening endeavors, may they be fruitful.