Why Mill Your Own Grains

Are you un-processing your diet?  Look no further than your flour in your kitchen. Conventional flour goes through a process that devoids almost any nutritional value it has.  In this process it takes away the bran, middlings, the wheat germ, and wheat germ oil, some of the most nutritious parts of the whole grain.  By doing this the flour can last longer on the shelves of your grocery stores.  What is the saying, “Eat food that spoils,” flour that is freshly ground begins to break down, in most cases freshly ground grain can last up to 2 months in a cool dry place or keep it refrigerated, after that freezing is required and can be frozen up to 6 months.  Before I learned about the wonderful world of milling your own grains, it would not have been uncommon around our household to have flour sitting on our shelves for at up to 12 months without a thought. Un-process your flour today and check out our mills from Nutrimill and our grains from Natural Way Mills and get milling!

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