Helpful Hints for Better Nutrition

March is National Nutrition Month® and is a great time to take a step back and evaluate what steps you are taking to bring more healthy foods into your family’s diet. With our busy lifestyles and hectic schedules its hard to plan, it’s always been my downfall.  The better question might be what simple steps can we do right now?

Right now, we can get re-educated on what we already know but, may have forgotten or get some helpful ideas to put better nutrition into practice, mainly by ORGANIZING & PLANNNING.  I find many websites/blogs/apps can be extremely helpful when taking on unprocessing your diet and incorporating more healthy foods into your everyday food planning and orgainizing.

The first place to start is a refresher guide on the food pyramid, the USDA has a great way to put this into perspective using a plate and dividing the plate into the food groups, check it out at   Another great website to check out is from Nutrition Data, this website finds the nutritional value of food very quickly and easily.

Second, is finding and planning your meals accordingly.  I am a visual person and love to search out healthy meal ideas through websites like and  With so many ideas mealing planning can be exciting, choose a day that works best for you then, meal plan and shop!

If you have little ones or big kids heading off to school, many of our school lunch programs have fallen short, so make your own and if you can’t everyday try a couple times a week.  Again, there are many helpful sites out there to get the job done easily and healthy. This Lunch Rox, is an awesome blog that will literally make your kids lunch box rock.  It has super cool ideas and recipes, very inspiring check it out at This Lunch Rox.  Another cool site is an app from La La Lunchbox, this a great app allows you to plug in your kids names, create a character, and from there you can chart out their lunches and get a grocery list for the week.  They also have one for breakfast planning!

Happy Nutrition Month to you all and we hope you find these ideas and sites are helpful in bringing better nutrition to your family! There will be some great snack recipes on our Facebook page this month on healthy snacking, beverages and meal planning don’t miss out and be sure to LIKE our page on Facebook, Cadre Company.

Live Life Simply