Hello Spring

Spring has sprung with a BAM, with a wintery mix of snow, slush, cold, warm and rain! Wherever you live it needs to be spring cleaned! Yes thats right, we’re going back to the days of grandma, grandma’s old ways aren’t always a bad thing. Sure it’s nice to throw in some nonsensical, spontaneous activities here and there but, the true art of simplicity, is about being predictable.

Have you seen the meme about glamorizing busy? I am it’s number one fan, sometimes I find myself just too busy to get anything done, you know what I mean? (Busy=Nothing) I am running from here and there and at the end of the day fall into bed exhausted and nothing has been done, what is that?

This spring I have a new chance to define busy as actually getting something done and seeing and benefiting from its grand results. I have started putting my long list of spring cleaning chores and home projects together and found some really great resources to help me not miss one nook or cranny. One website in particular that is helpful is from Clean Mama. Clean Mama offers great printable’s to stay on task with to do lists, ways to keep your kids involved, and great organizing tips to keep it clean. Get your free printables HERE, Clean Mama also has recipes for eco friendly cleaning!

Once the house is clean you will want to keep it that way, one great app that I love is called Home Rountines. It is so easy to use, just create your to do list and use their zone cleaning to keep your home in tip top shape.

All month long we will be posting great tips for spring cleaning, organizing and laundry diy tips, follow Cadre Company on Facebook and stay updated with our blog. Also be sure and check out Cadre Company’s cleaning recipes & speciality bottles HERE for all your diy projects.