Healthy Meal Planning

March is flying by and I am not sure if the “March winds” have anything to do with it.  My father who was 99 percent Irish and 1 percent Scottish loved March not just because of St. Patrick’s day but, because March was the windy month.  In honor of the windy month, he always watched his favorite movie “Gone with The Wind.”  He was a man of  clock work, always predictable with his habits and daily routine.

As a wife a mother running from here and there planning is essential, and quite honestly I am horrible at it.  Meal planning is probably my biggest weakness and when dinner rolls around I usually panic at five o’clock.  From here on out there should be no more excuses for me. I have some really great websites to follow to keep me inspired and moving forward in my quest to be a meal planner.  I hope you find them helpful too if this is your weakness! is a great website for meal planning.  This website is easy to navigate, the recipes are simple, healthy, & innovative.  The website doesn’t have all those confusing advertising pages that show up right over the recipe or links to links to get the recipe, its just straight forward recipes and great information.  Guacamole deviled eggs are amazing! is another great website for meal planning with many of the same great features of Simply Recipes, Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms also includes reviews of products and recipe books which are very helpful.  And, for those of you who are gluten free is a must for really trendy and cool recipes.  Heck, even if your not gluten free you will want to check this one out!

Last but, not least this is definitely something I am going to start trying, freezer meals.   Every once in awhile I see friends posting their freezer meals on Facebook and WOW to have 15-30 meals all ready to go would be heaven. I don’t know why I haven’t truly committed to trying this, just one day out of my month could change all the stress we moms or dads carry around on us to bring dinner to the table in a healthy way. is one of the best sites I have found for freezer meal preparation and recipes.

Happy Meal prepping and feel free to share in our comments any sites you love to help make meal planning easy and healthy!

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